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Elaine Springer

My highest wish is that you truly feel the joy and excitement I am feeling this sunny June morning in New York City.

Although I have not yet met Charlyn in person, it is truly a tribute to the power of spirit, that she has so accurately captured the essence of who I am and the nature of my work.

As she so eloquently expressed, staying connected to the heart and soul of our being is the key to living an empowered and fulfilling life. It is what binds us in our humanity. It is what has brought us together.

Thank you for your recognition, Charlyn.

Your blog has given me additional strength to continue in my quest to make this world a better place for us all !

I look so forward to reading your book and to getting to know you in person.

Your daughter Karli is a continued source of inspiration.

All my very best to you with great love and respect,

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